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Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 + Serial 1 Tahun

AN_DI.Exz | Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 + Serial 1 Tahun

Siapa sih disini yang tak kenal dengan Antivirus yang satu ini. YUPS, Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security ini tergolong cukup ketat dalam urusan proteksinya baik pada komputer dan juga di saat kita browsing plus dengan database virus yang lengkap.
Beberapa perbaikan dan banyak perkembangan pada update kali ini diantaranya :
  • Protects against all viruses and Internet threats
  • Detects new, emerging and unknown threats
  • Identifies suspicious websites and phishing websites
  • Delivers greater security for online shopping and banking
  • Protects your privacy and your digital identity
  • Keeps your children safe and responsible
  • Prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in your PC
  • Automatic download and installation features
  • Hybrid Protection - combines the power of the cloud and your PC
  • Proactive Detection – protects you against new, unknown malware
  • Intelligent Scanning and Updates - helps to minimise impact on your PC performance Improved!
  • Anti-Phishing – helps to protect you from digital fraud Improved!
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention – Prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in your PC New!
  • Virtual Keyboard - protects by using mouse-clicks to enter personal data Improved!
  • Secure Keyboard - automatically initiates defences against keyloggers New!
  • Safe Money - adds more layers of protection for online shopping and banking New!
  • Two-Way Firewall - blocks hacker attacks New!
  • Improved Anti-Spam Module - provides even better protection against dangerous or unwanted emails Improved!
  • Award-Winning Parental Control - helps to keep your children safe and responsible, online Improved! 
Download KIS 2013

Download Serial All Kaspersky 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Password : AN_DI.exzHow to download via "Google Doc"
-After the web opened just press "CTRL+S" to Download the file

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