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BitDefender USB Immunizer Full Portable

BitDefender USB Immunizer Full Portable

Kumpulan Software Gratis | BitDefender USB Immunizer Full Portable | BitDefender is the best brand in terms of anti virus.BitDefender USB Immunizer is a useful utility software to immunize your USB stick to be immune from the virus with a plant-based autorun autorun.inf file that can not be modified by the virus. Did you ever encounter an autorun.inf file on your flash? and not infrequently the file is detected by your antivirus? Do not joke about the existence of the autorun.inf file, it could be a malware that can threaten your PC / Laptop you with the threat of viruses.

This is the solution. Bitdefender although this will create the file autorun.inf as well, but the file that contains other files, and if malware tries to make autorun.inf, then it will fail because they can not create a file with the same name. Manner of use are very easy you just choose which flash to be immunized. Oh yes, this software is portable, so you do not bother to install it.
Bitdefender is a handy USB Immunizer utility designed to allow users to immunize Their storage USB devices or SD cards against infections with autorun-based malware.

For years, AutoRun-based malware has been atop of the worldwide e-threat landscape, with representatives Notorious Trojan.AutorunInf Such as, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup) or Worm.Autorun.VHD.

Introduced back in the Windows XP era to facilitate software installations from CD-ROM media for non-technical computer users, the Autorun feature has rapidly Become the infection vector of choice for cyber-criminals.

USB Immunizer Bitdefender is a response to this growing issue. This small utility is Divided in two sections.

The Immunize option allows you to immunize your USB storage device or SD card against infections with autorun-based malware. Even if your storage device has been plugged into an infected computer, the piece of malware will be Unable to create its autorun.inf file, Thus Spake annihilating any chance of auto-launching Itself.

The Immunize Computer slider allows you to toggle the feature On or Off AutoRun for any removable media (except for CD / DVD-ROM devices). If you accidentally plug in an infected USB drive That has not been immunized, the computer will not auto-execute the piece of malware located on the USB storage device.

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