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Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 For MS Office 2010 And Windows Full Version

Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 For MS Office 2010 And Windows Full Version

Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 adalah sebuah perangkat lunak Activator sehingga Anda dapat mengaktifkan Windows atau Microsoft  Office products.contohnya anda punya windows atau microsoft office yang masih trial atau free, dengan menggunakan perangkat lunak ini windows atau microsoft office anda akan active alias full version.
Anda hanya perlu lakukan yaitu klik tombol Windows mana yang akan diaktifkan dan setelah itu pergi ke tab aktivasi dan klik pada EZ-Activator. Tunggu beberapa detik dan Anda sudah mengaktifkan produk Anda.

Screenshot :

Bugs/Quirks/Incompleteness :
  • Almost all EZ-Activator settings apply only to office.
  • Readme is currently inconsistent but generally applies to windows the same as office.
  • I plan to add more Windows stuff but would like some ideas and want to get this out early in the development stage. A BETA of mine is usually just bug testing and last minute feature additions.
  • Currently using OTK changelog/Readme.
  • This topic still says references being BETA. This will change with MTK 3.0, which will have a new UI.

Readme :
  • Click The Readme Button in Office 2010 Toolkit program, and Copy Button to copy the tabbed section contents.
  • Requirements:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Not 4.0)
  • Office 2010 for Office Toolkit Support 
  • Windows NT 6 era operating system (Vista or later) for Windows Tookit Support

Credits :
  • Credits - Developers:
  • Bosh

Credits - Other :
  • letsgoawayhell for how to install and obtain Office 2010 license files needed for License Add/Convert.
  • ZWT for the Original KMS Keygen, and Phazor and letsgoawayhell for KMS research/improvement.
Microsoft Toolkit Changelog 

Tutorial How to Use :

Download Via Mediafire :
Password : www.technologyshare.co.cc

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