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PCMAV 7.1 Predator New Update May 2012

PCMAV 7.1 Predator New Update May 2012

Kumpulan Software Gratis | PCMAV 7.1 Predator New Update May 2012 | Good morning fellow bloggers. Certainly already know this one with antivirus. Anti virus is its easy to install and does not take a largecomputer memory. PCMAV 7.1 Predator finally published in May 2012 with several improvements from previous versions. Equipped extension manager, the latest version 6313 is able to eradicate the malware and its variants (pretty much anyway) and this latest update list:

UPDATED! Added a database and virus cleaning 73 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 6313 virus and its variants.
Improved! Change the name of a new variant virus was found.
Improved! Real-time protection improvements that could potentially lead to conflicts with certain applications.
Improved! Repairs automatic scan on a removable disk that has the potential menampilakan error message.
Improved! Optimizing the detection of encrypted applications.
Improved! Remove to remove the addition of menu items in the quarantine list.
Improved! The addition of the Extension Manager can be used via the menu on the notification area.
FIXED! Link Protector fixes error messages on Windows 64 bit.
FIXED! Repair engine cleaner which detects a virus in memory.
Improved! Some minor improvements and bug improvised internal code to ensure that PCMAV antivirus continues to be the pride of Indonesia.
What is PCMAV?
PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) is the only antivirus in the world that contains a special formula and technology to address the unique and powerfulcomputer virus is widespread in Indonesia, both local and foreign species (alien), to accurately and completely to recover 100% .

Unlike the similar antivirus, each virus is in the database PCMAV each has its own engine removal, so the virus can be eradicated completely and cleaned up to the "radical" without compromise! Removal of this engine is also designed to work carefully with very high security level, the goal for the system / files / important documents that you have a virus can be recovered completely without the worry of the risk of loss or damage to the file / system. Please see for yourself the power of removal by antivirus PCMAV engine you normally use.

Besides using its own antivirus engine, PCMAV can also use the engine of ClamAV as a plug-in to reinforce the results of virus detections up to 800,000 more. PCMAV engineer team was convincingly managed to discover and develop their own variety of the latest antivirus technology nan-powerful to overcome and keep your system from a computer virusproblems.

Intensively developed by PC Media, the largest and best-selling computer magazine in Indonesia, supported by a wide distribution network of Pinpoint Publications, PCMAV has been trusted by millions of computer users in Indonesia.

So, from now on, always entrust the handling of viruses, worms and trojans that attack your computer just to PCMAV. Get the latest version is only in the latest issue of PC Media magazine, published each month.
Password : www.koransoftware.com

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