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Windows 8 Activator

Windows 8 Activator

kumpulan Software Gratis | Windows 8 Activator | Windows 8 activatorand timebomb remover 0.9.4 is a software that serves as a loader that will make Windows 8 that we used to be genuine or full version.
Maybe if ever before I often share windows 7 loader function to create genuine or full version in windows 7, because Windows 8 is out and many are using Windows 8, now I will share Windows 8 activator and timebomb remover 0.9.4 that function as I wrote above is to create a genuinewindows 8 or full version.
For those of you loyal friends sofwergratis the windows 8 on a PC its not genuine please download and use this activator windows 8. Provisions should indeed we use Windows 8 is still in a trial or full version yet.
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Download :

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